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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Towing company serving the Atlanta Metro area, we get a lot of questions. So, we thought we would provide the answers to the most common questions below. 

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Most towing services have what’s called a hook up fee then a per mile charge on top of the hook up fee. Here at JMJ Towing we quote one flat rate. Give us a call to to see how low your rate will be.

We are not with AAA, However we can show you how to get reimbursed by AAA or your insurance provider if you have that feature.

If you have AAA Roadside assistance its easy. Once we come out and provide the service you will be provided with a receipt. Simply fill out the Road Service Reimbursement Request. Here is a link to the form Road Service Reimbursement Request.  For inquiries regarding AAA reimbursement call 866-255-6757.

No, we are not a impound yard. If your vehicle was towed from public property call the non emergency police for your area and ask for the number to the impound agency for the area your vehicle was in. Be prepared to give the last 6 of the vin number to find your vehicle.

Yes we are a flat bed service so all your wheels will be off the ground in most cases.

Yes, we will come out and change a flat tire if you have a spare. We also have a list of 24 hour tire shops on speed dial in case you don’t have a spare.

Yes, for most common vehicles if have locked your keys in the car we do provide lockout service.

We except debit, credit and cash.

1)Tire Place solution  (770) 927-7904

7220 Tara Blvd, Jonesboro, GA 30236

2) Tire Spot 770-743-8029

5416 Riverdale RD, Atlanta GA 30349

3) God’s Own 770-572-4664

3100 Moreland Ave, Conley, GA 30288

4) Tire & Ride  404-749-0918

1192 Pryor Rd SW suite D, Atlanta GA 30315

5) 24hour tire workshop 678-559-8672

1629 S Cobb Dr SE, Marietta, GA 30060

6)Brugods Tire Shop 

3120 Main St W, Snellvile, Ga 30078